Observations: Part II

I think that, when all is said and done concerning the oil disaster affecting the United States, no one is going to care.

Frankly, that's the way it works anywhere through various forms of manipulation - whether it is a company manipulating people in authoritative positions or controlling what consumers know. When disasters occur, there is a temporary sensation of, "We must do something about this! Change has got to happen NOW!" Think about it.

Observations: Part I

When speaking of Solar and Wind Energy, a lot of people believe it's something new, futuristic and fantastic that we should all embrace one day. The question should be asked, "why?" Why do we even care about these types of energy?


Believe it or not, we actually got the parts we've been waiting for since 1970!!! Ok...a few months then...sheesh.

Though, some product and service changes will be made which will affect all customers. They are as follows:

20 Watt Solar Kit