Another day...

...and no parts. I'm not sure why UPS showed a delivery date of yesterday and now...nothing. I really need to write a book entitled, "The Solar Boy who Wished Upon a Moon," because it seems like I have as much more of a chance of going there than getting the parts needed to finish our kits.


Could it be??!

I'm crossing my fingers, because after almost 1/4 of a Year, we may finally be getting the parts to finish our 20 Watt Solar Kit! Of course, I'm not going through this drama again so it essentially forces us to make our first edition release a limited one.


10 Watt Solar Panels - Discontinued

And not because there are problems with them. Don't get me wrong - they had to be combined for the first release of our 20 Watt Solar Kits - on their own, we no longer see any viable, long-term use for 10 Watt Solar Panels. Our 10 Watt Solar Panels are much more powerful than those currently marketed to maintain 12 Volt batteries but when we consider how limited their use is and various global weather patterns, including duration of useful daylight, there is no use for 10 Watt Solar Panels to efficiently do anything else.


Photovoltaic Residential Housing

I am going to try to end homelessness in Washington, D.C. by building new and converting substandard housing into solar-powered dwellings. If it works, we will try it in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and surrounding states. Who the hell knows if it will work, someone's got to try. And yes, we are fully aware of the nuances which may be involved in doing so, including long-term support.


One Volt

It's been beyond two months. We never received any of the cables for our 20 Watt Kit. In what seemed like the first time we've encountered International fraud, by some miracle a FedEx tracking number was sent to us today.

And if we do, in fact, receive our merchandise, that's the end of our relationship with that company.

Solar Kit Modifications

Well, after contacting the manufacturer we are working with about the parts that have been missing in action for almost two months, more tests were done with focus on the 12 Volt, 10 Ampere Solar Controller we currently sell. We're going to change the Solar Charge Controller kit which will affect all other solar products.