Project Pinwheel: We Need You!

Yes, you! The one with the mustache! Oh? You don't have a mustache? Er... In addition to raising money through our online store, a GoFundMe page was created to promote the project. Read about Project Pinwheel at GoFundMe. Unfortunately, the service requires users have Facebook and raise $100.00 before appearing in their public search database.

Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry XII

I think it's okay to say that I wanted Project Pinwheel to be able to charge all-electric vehicles; I don't question whether it can be done at all. My greatest concern is theft.

It's still an option but I wonder if that would limit what it can do - not that it's the only thing it would have done. I've thought of several scenarios where it would be helpful; most notably, those who simply can't plug an all-electric vehicle in a nearby outlet to charge which excludes...well...a tremendous amount of people from being able to buy an all-electric car.

Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry XI

In thinking about perpetual motion, I wonder if the word should even exist.

Think about it. Something like perpetual motions suggests that energy can be created and should be (ideally) harnessed; efficiencies and the nuances involved are entirely separate but should not be ignored. Do I believe it's possible? Of course. Is there a need for it? Not really. Would it solve any problem? Doesn't seem like it. This is a case of, "doing something for the case of doing something."

12 Volt Solar Battery Charger: First Edition Changes

After integrating the 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger with Project Pinwheel, I've decided to change the 12 Volt Solar Kit in a variety of ways; I suppose the most important one is that it'll be more affordable. :)

A few weeks ago, I removed the Auxiliary battery cable because it simply doesn't work with some modes of transportation while "off." Here are some other changes that will take place: