Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry X

One of the things I've always been fascinated with, every since a...well, let's just say a long time, has been perpetual motion. The question is, can it really exist in a usable form.

After thinking about such a question forever, I'm inclined to think so and I'm sure my prior answer would have been, "no." I say prior because only after really exploring solar energy did my mind change. You'd have to pay much more attention to Earth's physical attributes than you might think for Photovoltaic energy to work properly.

Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry IX

Look at it this slip of Pepco paper. We received this in December 2010 with our electric bill along with a notice explaining why it is noticeably higher than previous months.

I mean I understand why but I'm not so sure the general populace does. Using heat and air conditioning requires a tremendous amount of power and since you use it for hours every day, that's thousands of kilowatts adding up. What else are you going to do, freeze to death or get a heat stroke? You pay the bill and deal with it.

Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry VII

You know, something that really irritates me whenever I sign up for a service or buy a product are the nuances involved which aren't very apparent and before you know it, you'll find yourself saying "dammit" more times than you can count sand grains.

Oh, but it's true. This isn't buyer's remorse; you simply wouldn't have known that a service or product are a bit more unfavorable than you thought. Let me give a couple of examples.

OpenCart Google Feed XML Syntax Troubleshooting

These instructions are for OpenCart

Some of you will run into problems when compiling an XML feed for Google. I require more specific attributes than what OpenCart's Google Base Feed offers and the link attribute always yielded problems. This will show you how to resolve them.

An OpenCart product URL will look like this: