Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry IV

Whether by gravity or by light, even those things as grandiose as the Sun's control of largesse bodies can be affected by an "X" variable.

People have wondered, I'm sure for way longer than I can imagine, "what would happen if the Sun exploded or...just vanished?" Well, most likely the end of mankind just for starters. However, to believe that light is the fastest thing in existence is interesting. It's probably true, I just wonder...

If a sound is made yet you cannot hear it, does the sound exist?

Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry III

There's one thing that people may begin to wonder in terms of this project and future endeavors. That one thing would question the direction I want to go with Solar. More specifically, "grid" or "no grid."

Allow me to explain what a "grid" is. Countries, cities, territories or whatever you want to call them, which distribute power [whether privatized or not] in a community, have a shared electrical grid, divided in different ways. It simply means that electricity is being distributed to a property and you pay for that electricity.

Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry II

One of the more interesting aspects of Pinwheel is a fascination I have with...magnets.


Well, I guess I should say the magnets you are familiar with that stick to things and also the electromagnetic spectrum. It does, very much so, play a part in the design of Pinwheel because little did I know not too long ago, magnetism can change a lot and affects everything. I'm going to theorize a lot so don't get too mad at me if you're a NASA scientist.

Project Pinwheel Design Diary: Entry I

When I decided to change what this project can do, it really took a lot of thought. It's obvious that I had to look at what's out there and compare it to what I want a solar system to do. Though, I can't quite compare it to anything that's currently being sold. For that matter, if someone were to ask me who my competitors are...I don't know.

Project Pinwheel

You know something, I've been testing this secret system for more than a month now and have been very satisfied.

But then again, I'm not really satisfied.

I can finally say what the system has been capable of but I cannot yet reveal what it can do. I've powered most of the things I have (lamps, tools, small appliances, TVs, a satellite dish)...but I want it to do more. I'm starting to run out of things to test and well, the only thing left are large appliances. Washers, dryers, heaters...