Payment Methods

Our online shop accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express and Dwolla.

Products made available through other online shops and marketplaces utilize that platform's payment options. We do not accept orders or process transactions utilizing virtual currencies as any part of the payment process.

Credit Card Surcharges

Whether purchasing directly from us online or in-person using credit cards, we do not assess surcharges. However, if you purchase from us through a third party, that party may assess such fees that will not be credited or refunded by us.

If I order outside the United States, will I be assessed surcharges?

While we don't, some banks add a surcharge for the conversion of one currency to another. All orders are charged in United States Dollars.

If I order outside the United States, will I be assessed (value-added) tax?

Because each country has unique laws governing exports and imports, a country may levy a tax on an order, regardless if it is for personal or commercial use.

General Order and Purchasing

We do not assess order cancellation, return, restocking fees or fees for paying over time (for qualifying purchases).

Cancelling a Purchase/Order

Contact us to cancel an order before it ships. After shipment, customers may refuse delivery to receive a full refund excluding any shipping and handling fees.

If refusal of delivery is not an option, the customer must pay to ship an order back to us; we do not reimburse fees for returns of this nature.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is assessed in Washington, D.C., United States.

Paying for Purchases

We understand if customers are unable to pay for products and services in a timely manner. We do not add fees or surcharges of any kind to request additional time to accommodate customers' needs.

Each customer will be offered solutions based on their circumstances. If a refund is requested, it will take up to two weeks to process.

Ordering on behalf of the Federal Government of the United States and Tax

Place an order as you normally would; we must manually remove tax assessed for Federal Government purchases. If you are unable to leave a note when placing an order, contact us. Assessed tax will be:

  • Removed prior to processing a purchase/order,

  • Reversed using the payment method made or

  • Refunded via Check


Price-matching is not offered.

Pre-Orders and Back-Ordered Items

We charge customers when an order is ready to ship if traditional payment methods are accepted. If a third-party payment processor is used, customers are charged immediately.

Customers may request an order cancellation for a full refund anytime prior to shipping any part of an order but not after any part of an order ships. If an order is cancelled after shipment, it must be returned in the condition it was shipped to receive a refund, which may exclude originally-assessed shipping fees.

Encrypting Sensitive Information?

Communication using our contact form are encrypted for all users. However, customers placing or are the recipient of orders in the following countries cannot use encryption tools, including those we make publicly available for additional security, as such communication is prohibited by the United States and must be discarded:

  • Belarus

  • China

  • India

  • Israel

  • Kazakhstan

  • Mongolia

  • Pakistan

  • Russia

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Singapore

  • Tunisia

  • Venezuela

  • Vietnam

Mailed Payments

We accept bills of exchange (personal or business checks (cheques), money orders and cashier's checks) drafted in United States Dollars.

When a payment is made using one of these methods, it must be received within thirty (30) days of the order placement date. After that time elapses or if there is no communication from the customer, an order may be cancelled.

Reserve and Pay Over Time


  • There are no fees or minimum payments, no interest accrues over time and no payment penalties.

  • There is no fixed payment schedule; pay what you can, when you can, within 1 Year of the order date.

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards and Dwolla (bank accounts) are supported. Payments are fully refundable without any order cancellation fees.

  • If newer product models are released prior to final payment, customers are given the option to upgrade for an additional fee.

  • Qualifies to use post-purchase incentives.

Pay over time with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express:

  1. Visit our storefront.

  2. Once inside, select the product you're interested in.

  3. If the product qualifies for reservation and paying over time, select "Reserve and pay over time."

  4. Enter your card information as usual; we will process an order based on what you tell us to charge at the time of placement.

  5. You may ask us to charge a specific amount to the payment method provided during the order process once or make all payments at

Pay over time with Dwolla (Bank Account)

What you should know:

  • We charge in United States Dollars only; if you use a non-U.S. Currency, your creditor may assess currency conversion fees.

  • You can use a single Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express physical or virtual card and Dwolla; you cannot use multiple cards to pay over time.

  • If you choose to pay over time with a single card, your first payment cannot be the full amount due.

  • Your ability to reserve goods while paying over time is provided as a convenience. Do not reserve products never intended to be purchased or to intentionally withhold sale to another party; such transactions will be void.

  • Do not use this service to satisfy a creditor's requirements to receive rebates or incentives (i.e., making 20 purchases in a month to receive an account "bonus").

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are processed similarly to all other payment methods, however, when ordering from our online shop, no payment is immediately made.

After the "checkout" process, customers use their order information to submit a payment request with a preferred mobile payment servicer. After reviewing an order and payment information, we submit a request to be paid within seven (7) business days.

Mobile payment information is exclusive to the order it is associated with; it must be manually entered each time a mobile payment request is made.

Customers' financial information, including but not limited to bank accounts, charge, pre-paid, credit, and revolving cards are between the customer and mobile payment servicer; this information is not acquired by us.

Order ID

The Order ID is a unique number or series of alphanumeric characters created by our online shop, another online retailer (if we provide merchandise and/or service for sale elsewhere), and in-person to identify an order.

Payment Processor

A mobile payment service we currently support.

Payment ID

A Payment ID tells us where to send a payment request, which is usually an e-mail address or (mobile) phone number.

Total and Currency

The total amount owed in the currency an order was placed in. All orders are charged in the United States Dollar (USD). Orders not in USD may incur currency conversion fees by the preferred payment processor or bank processing the transaction.

Analysis of Personal Credit (United States Customers)

A credit report is a permanent history of your financial activities with regulated institutions; if you've ever opened a bank account or had a credit card, you have a credit history. It shows businesses how credit-worthy you are to extend credit to you to pay for products and services that cannot be readily paid for with ordinary liquidity because of their cost (i.e., cars, houses, paying for rent over time).

All United States citizens are entitled to at least one free credit report:

For advertisement-supported services offering credit reports for free under any circumstance, consider:

Note: We are not affiliated with any of the aforementioned organizations and cannot provide personal assistance with obtaining a credit report. Companies are listed only after independent verification and/or research. Customers have the right to use any of the tools provided by these services to determine whether we or any company has requested information about them to extend credit.