ONEEMA: Customer Power Packs

Domestic and International customers may receive a Customer Power Pack under a program being developed, known as ONEEMA, to provide energy-related products to the general public at a reduced rate or free.

The current pack, named Alpha, allows for the powering of most mobile phones, phone tablets (not standalone internet tablets), and headsets, regardless of mobile brand, make, manufacturer, or model number.

Here's what's inside Alpha:

  • Apple 30-Pin Cable

  • Samsung S20 Cable

  • Mini-B Cable

  • Mini-B to Micro-B Adapter

  • Car Adapter with USB Output (5 Volt, 600mA)

  • Power Adapter with USB Output (5 Volt, 500mA)

What you should know

Domestic and International customers may be referred to as "you" or "your." Customer Power Packs may be referred to as "pack(s)," or "product(s)." ONEEMA may be referred to as the "program."

  • Every part of a Customer Power Pack is designed to work internationally. If your pack contains a power adapter, in some countries, you are required to use a travel adapter to allow it to fit into an electrical receptacle. The option to purchase one may be made available to you through this program.

  • You may give a pack to anyone as long as its serial number is intact.

  • None of a pack's contents are sponsored, endorsed, or manufactured by any listed brands.

  • There is no warranty of any kind but you may acquire one separately for a fee; an optional warranty is nontransferable and must be reacquired if a pack is given to another party.

Warranty and Returns

If you receive a pack, there is no inherent warranty or returns policy of any kind; with the exception of light bulbs and batteries, all products may be safely discarded if they are of no use. If you are a United States customer, find out where to recycle light bulbs and batteries.


To purchase options:

  • Visit our Card Payments.

  • Your Order Number is a pack's serial number; if a serial number is unavailable, options cannot be purchased.

  • Tell us what you want and quantity in Order Information.

  • Complete payment using any Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

  • Once your order is reviewed and payment successfully processed, we'll let you know how to track its progress.