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Use your favorite mobile payment service to pay for an order. If you don't see a preferred service provider, contact us so that we may consider adding them. Visit our billing support for additional assistance.

Enter your OTGP Solar Energy Order Number. If you're paying for an order from another online retailer, provide the order number they issued to you. If your transaction took place in-person, at a local venue, or retailer, type "In Person." If this is a sponsorship submission, type "Sponsorship."
A Payment ID is what a mobile payment service uses to send and receive money, usually a mobile phone number, e-mail address, or ID number. Don't have an account? Select the payment processor you prefer, enter an e-mail address, and instructions will be provided to submit payment.
Enter your order's total, including tax (Washington, D.C. only) and shipping.
Enter the currency your order was placed in. When we process orders, they are charged in the United States Dollar (USD); if your order was not in USD, payment processors may charge a fee for converting your currency.
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