Morphevo: A First Look

Morphevo: A First Look

Here, we have what I thought would be the successor to the 18650 USB Phone Charger. Now, both will be sold simultaneously and both can use 18650 batteries. However, Morphevo is going to use Lithium Manganese 26650 Batteries.

The goal is to be the "ultimate" mobile charger using traditional electricity. It has to last a long time, be reliable, and work everywhere. It means charging a mobile device from a state of complete discharge (won't power on) and charge it to its maximum. It means if you have no electricity, you can depend on something when you need it and a company to stand behind it even if you accidentally damage it.

While I engineered a solar system, Lumenscaré, to do this, and it accomplishes that task beyond my expectations, I didn't design or engineer any of the components in Morphevo. Once enough capital is raised, I hope to have my own manufacturing facility in the Eastern United States to create solar and lithium products capable of replacing traditional electricity. That's down the road, across the street, and around the corner (next to 7-11), so let's discuss what Morphevo is and what it can do.

Like its predecessor, the 18650 USB Phone Charger, it uses lithium batteries. Also like its predecessor, there is no technical documentation, no information about its manufacturer - nothing. This has to be the most difficult part of the process because there may be one or two sentences on the Internet to find out what a product is, who makes it, where, why, how, and so forth - at least in the case of the 18650 USB Charger and Morphevo's core component. The rest is up to me to determine whether random claims discovered about the product are true and often, it's in another language.

What's interesting is, most people will never see these products and they certainly do excel at what they say they do. My job is to provide a bridge between those products and technologies you've never heard of and create exposure to those that truly work. Morphevo's components are actually quite resource-intensive and involves parts from all over the planet to make it the product I'm sure its designer intended it to be. On its own, the 26650 charger makes no sense, has an odd design and I have to wonder what the hell they were thinking.

But it works, and it works very well. So I have to fill in the missing pieces and create a product manual that will be easy to understand and show how to use all of its components as if someone didn't understand anything about electronics at all. Using extremely powerful 26650 batteries was also a decision that was difficult to make because 18650 batteries work just fine but since the charger itself outputs more power than the 18650 USB Charger, I couldn't keep using batteries with a comparable capacity of 2,200mAh; there will be two, 26650 lithium batteries, each with 4,000mAh capacity.

The entire set will cost more than $120; at the same time, a more cost-effective one will be released that only includes the core functionality of the charging system. I'm not yet going to mention the other parts or their technical specifications because a chart will be released soon for you to pick the energy system you feel is best. Whereas Lumenscaré has power, excellent compatibility and ease-of-use, some may not find it as portable. The 18650 Charger is easy to use, affordable and performs very well. Morphevo is powerful and has very good compatibility; each mobile power solution is unique and you will decide which is best. As much as I love solar, non-solar solutions will be provided to those who want a powerful mobile solution without the need to use the Sun - there's something for everyone.

One more thing.

I've encouraged potential buyers to consider the 18650 Charger in its current state before Morphevo is released. December 31, 2011 at 11:59PM ET will be the last time customers will be able to purchase it with benefits unmentioned before; once Morphevo is able to be pre-ordered or in-stock, owners of the 18650 USB Charger will receive a significantly reduced price and a hard shell EVA carrying case that will not be available to the general public. Additionally, customers of the 18650 USB Charger will no longer pay a shipping fee for anything purchased from us.

Thank you to all of my customers for the last 92 years (or 9 minus 2...)!