OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Phone Charger: Velcro Strap Added

An 8" (20cm) Velcro® Flame Retardant Strap was added to the 18650 USB Charger for both standard and customizable versions. Repeat customers of this item will have one strap added to their order for each one ordered from us historically, regardless when purchased.

Those who purchased this product from us in-person locally can request one to be shipped for free at any time, also regardless when it was purchased.

The reason a strap is being offered is because...well, a battery can fall out. This isn't a design flaw; the 18650 Charger never had a friction-based cover to shield its battery in order to allow heat to dissipate while in-use and charging.

All batteries and electrical components are tested by us using 100% photovoltaic energy, regardless of manufacturer, brand name, or functionality. You can be confident that what you receive is not only safe but will work exactly as described.

If you need help at any time, whether your product is warranted or not, contact us for assistance.