Mobile 18650 USB Phone Charger: Version 1.1 Update

The Mobile 18650 USB Phone Charger's hardware was slightly modified to accommodate a problem I've noticed with mobile devices (not the charger); some, such as "wireless hotspots," require customers to buy expensive charge-only cables because they won't charge when connected to a computer. Some mobile devices also refuse to charge unless its origin power is Alternating Current (AC), or plugged into an electrical socket.

The problem is obtaining charge-only cables. You'll be able to find them, but they are expensive and short. We are working on a customized charge-only cable for future mobile charging systems and a solution has already been implemented for the 18650 USB Charger by modifying its hardware. It means you can use the same USB cables you have to charge whatever mobile device you want.

The Mobile 18650 USB Charger will "tell" mobile devices it's an electrical socket. By doing so, it can charge significantly more devices than before. For the first time, it's been able to charge my own phone, an LG Lotus Blossom Rose something or the other.

With this update, there are no known incompatible devices. Here's a comprehensive list of changes:

Operation Guide

  • Changed layout, added technical information, minor grammatical changes, added question regarding the use of "charge-only" cables.
  • Operation Guide is now listed with numerous online digital document services.

Material Changes

  • The charger itself was modified.
  • Two battery straps are now standard for both the standard and customizable versions.

Product Questions

  • Updated!

Energy System Comparison Chart

  • Updated to reflect all mobile devices it's been able to charge. All mobile devices listed are now compatible!

Online Shop

  • Slight changes made to the product in the online shop (i.e., changing "Micro USB" to "Micro-B USB").
  • Added technical information to product listings.