Did you receive the OTGP 18650 USB Charger Preview/Trial Edition?

Yes, it's completely free and you'll never be charged for it.

Many people aren't aware that a mobile charger with replaceable lithium batteries exist. We're attempting to send them to customers in each U.S. State; we can no longer ship them internationally due to recently-imposed lithium battery shipping restrictions. Otherwise, the entire planet would receive them; hopefully, this will change when its successor is made available to the public.

So why is a solar company providing traditionally-powered devices to its customers?

The chargers you receive and all of its components were born in traditional factories. However, once they enter our doorstep, they are entirely raised by solar energy.

That means when you use it (and unless you have a 100%-powered solar house), it will be the first time they use conventional energy since being manufactured.

We know that a lot of people are interested in renewable energy. At the same time, most are hesitant because they don't quite fully understand what to expect and have lots of questions. There are many who simply don't have an opinion on it or are have their energy needs met.

Our goal is to be your energy company one day.

Right now, the 18650 Charger serves as an example of what solar can do "behind the scenes." In fact, the 18650 Charger and its parts are charged by its unreleased solar counterpart, Lumenscaré, which we'll make available to the general public after passing a few more long-term tests.

Enjoy your product and remember, should you need support, contact us, read our product manuals, or browse our online shop.