Service Update

Hello everyone!

Here's what I've been doing since June of this year to raise capital for the construction of the "Three Pillars of Energy," wireless solar energy systems capable of providing affordable energy to everyone on Earth:

  1. Writing a book (or really long paper) providing insight on curing diseases and manned high-speed space transit. It's a continuation of the "Onward" segment at since the amount of content might not fit.
    • The second step involves manufacturing prototypes to accomplish the afore goals.
  2. Release of two products:
    • The first product, a very limited release, "Komyaku: 20 Watt Solar Experimenter's Kit" is for electronics enthusiasts to affordably build and experiment with low-voltage solar energy.
    • The second product is a long-term, non-solar product - "GYRRH: Portable Phone and Tablet Charger."