12 Volt 9 Watt LED Bulbs

Product-Related Questions

Can these LED bulbs be a direct replacement for Marine (12 Volt) Compact Fluorescent Bulbs?

Yes. Each bulb is gigantic, though, they will work as long as there is enough space for the diffusion globe.

Is light output directional?

No. Light output is omnidirectional.

What are the bulbs' incandescent equivalent?

40 Watts.

Can the bulb be “dimmed” or used in a dimmable lamp?

The bulb is not dimmable but it can be used in a dimmable lamp; it will only turn on and off. There is also no "warm up."

Do these bulbs have Mercury?


How long can these bulbs last?

Up to 30,000 hours. To compare, Incandescent bulbs last approximately 1,000 and Compact Fluorescent about 10,000.

Where can I purchase replacement bulbs?

Nowhere - the manufacturer no longer exists.

Can these bulbs be used in appliances?

No. They are not designed to work inside of appliances; use incandescent bulbs instead as LEDs are too sensitive to extreme temperature changes.

Can bulbs be used outdoors?

As long as they're covered like any other comparable bulb for outdoor use, yes. The bulb itself is not weather- or water-proof/resistant.

Service-Related Questions

I accidentally used the bulb with my lamp by plugging it in an electrical outlet (in my house, apartment, etc.) and now it won’t work. Is this covered under the warranty?