OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Phone Charger Version 1.1

Product-Related Questions

What's new in Version 1.1?

Hardware was slightly modified to accommodate mobile devices that saw the charger as a computer, limiting power output.

Will this work with a wireless hotspot? Do I need a charge-only cable?

All wireless hotspots should work. Charge-only cables are not required but may be if you're attempting to charge a wireless modem/router from a computer or other USB Port.

What phones can I charge with this?

As of Version 1.1, there are no known incompatible mobile phones.

What if my product uses more than 500mA?

It will output its maximum, if necessary. A device doesn't necessarily use as much power as it may indicate.

For example, if you have a product with a Power Adapter rated at 1,000mA, your device will use up to that figure, not at that figure.

Can I charge my Apple iPod/Phone?

The only Apple branded device it can't charge is an iPad as it only outputs 25% of the power required to charge it and other internet tablets. We do not recommend charging internet tablets, however, it will attempt to charge as long as you do not use it while charging.

Why does the charging light flicker?

The charging light has what’s known as a bi-color LED; the two colors shown by the bulb are red and green. Red will illuminate while charging and green near the end of a charge cycle; in between these phases, you may see the color orange (red and green simultaneously on) and temporarily flicker before the charging light illuminates solid green, indicating a fully charged battery.

If I have an incompatible product, what do I do?

Please let us know. If we have adapters or cables that support your product, you'll receive one at no additional charge.

Can the cables be used for data?

All cables and adapters, with the exception of the extension cable, can transmit power and data.

Can my phone fit in the carrying pouch with the charger and batteries?

It's possible!

Does the 18650 Charger have discharge protection?

Yes. The charger's over-discharge protection activates when an 18650 battery discharges to 2.75 Volts.

Are the included batteries protected or unprotected?


How often can the batteries be charged?

A battery can retain approximately 90% power with 500 charge cycles.

Is the Travel Adapter grounded?

No. The 18650 Charger's Power Adapter is double-insulated.

What can I use the Travel Adapter to power?

A lot of electronics. There are a few things it can't under any condition:

  • Large appliances
  • Anything that produces cold/cool or hot/heated air

How can it last longer than other lithium-based mobile chargers? Isn't it the same thing?

Lithium-based mobile chargers generally have built-in batteries. These batteries are on "standby," waiting to be turned on. During that time, they slowly discharge and may lose their charge after several days. In contrast, the Mobile 18650 USB Charger was specifically designed so that batteries are removed. By doing so, its capacity is largely maintained and can last for months without being charged.

Is it solar powered?

No. We realize there are many who don't prefer solar-based products and while it uses traditionally electricity, 100% of its components are tested by 100% solar energy.

Can I use this just to charge 18650 batteries? What about protected?

Yes (to both).

Will heat affect the battery straps?

No. The Velcro® brand battery straps are flame retardant and will not deform over time from heat dissipation. If you'd like to (safely) verify if they are actually flame retardant, they have a "chemical smell" from being treated with a flame retardant solution.

Doesn't the battery strap interfere with simultaneous charging? Should I use both?

Only one strap is needed and it does not prohibit simultaneous charging. If you find that it does, simply rotate it around the battery until you're satisfied with its placement.

Can I use higher capacity 18650 batteries?

Yes! You are not limited to the 18650 batteries included with the charger.

Realistically, can this recharge my phone if it's completely dead?

Yes. One battery is sufficient to fully-charge most mobile phones.

Will it charge the Asus Transformer?

In general, we don't recommend using the 18650 Charger for internet tablets. The Asus Transformer, however, is 12 Volt; our system outputs 5 Volts and isn't compatible with it.

Will the power adapter make a "buzzing" sound if I use a power inverter?


Can I leave a battery in the charger?

No. The charger's circuitry is constantly monitoring a battery's voltage. This small self-consumption will eventually drain a battery if left in for several days. The operation guide informs customers to remove batteries upon being fully charged and when not in use.

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