12 Volt Solar Battery Charger: First Edition Changes

After integrating the 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger with Project Pinwheel, I've decided to change the 12 Volt Solar Kit in a variety of ways; I suppose the most important one is that it'll be more affordable. :)

A few weeks ago, I removed the Auxiliary battery cable because it simply doesn't work with some modes of transportation while "off." Here are some other changes that will take place:

  • REMOVED: 5 Volt USB Adapter. Why? Because I'm confident enough in the Kit's use with an inverter to eliminate the need for a USB adapter.
  • NAME CHANGE: Yeaah....I suppose I need to change its name to make it more easily understood. Kind of hard to do when it functions as two, uniquely different products.
  • PRODUCT PAGE: Will be made clearer. It's far too verbose.
  • REVISED INSTRUCTION MANUAL: (Yes, again). This time, increase troubleshooting support while decreasing the overall number of pages.

The product will be unavailable from our store, trade websites and everywhere else on the planet until I'm done revising its instruction manual.