Questions Regarding Solar Power for Houses and Large Devices

Dear Customers,

We aim to broaden users of solar technology within 2010 which requires a careful, incremental process to not only expand it to those interested and already involved with it but also make it user-friendly and easier to understand.

To do so, we must start small. Customers will be able to evaluate whether solar would be a realistic energy source for long- or short-term needs. There are many misconceptions involved with the use of the technology which we hope to address when our products are released. Our online gallery will illustrate potential and actual uses through pictures and videos so that people will see exactly what not only our, but similar solar products are capable of.

Once the online store opens, 12 to 24 Volt-centric items will be immediately available. It's true that while larger panels can be interconnected at a customer's discretion to produce a significant amount of power, we are not yet confident in the solar status quo with respect to a global audience and existing applications to fully support doing so at this time.

In order to change this, we're developing our own methods to enhance the potential customer base in order to decrease the "gap" between what many consider a somewhat unknown, confusing, alternative source of energy and what we believe is a powerful, underutilized and in some cases, necessary form of energy. We treat solar as a viable energy source much like any other form of energy. In its current state, we do not believe it is ready for mass appeal and want to change that immediately.

We will gradually increase our product line and support for more powerful solar panels and light-based technology once a sizable number of people feel it is very feasible to harness, understand and use (and in critical requirements) as would be expected of any energy source and literally grow along with our customers. To this end, we will support energy solutions for houses and large devices in the near future once we are confident that the technology can offer diverse power solutions while considering the gamut of users, usefulness, environmental conditions and other factors for short- and long-term use on a global basis.