OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Charger Set Changes

Not that much of a change but a Micro USB adapter will be added in a few weeks; this will not result in a price increase. The original Mini-B USB cable will still be included as the Micro USB adapter requires it and will take time to ensure proper functionality. I also wanted to include a "universal battery charger" for phones the set isn't compatible with; it's the photo you see here.

So why not include it? It failed quality control several times (i.e., the same type of battery charger but different sizes). The product works very well but isn't practical for most - while it seems like a good idea, it would rarely be used. The overarching problem is that they are poorly manufactured and will literally fall apart. I've never seen a product literally fall apart in my hands, especially after prolonged periods of not being used. From a whole product one second to springs and plastic on the floor the next. Ah well, if a better one can be found in the future, it will be included.

Oh, one more thing; if you've read the manual and noticed that the charger outputs 500mA, this isn't exactly correct. The manufacturer placed the technical specifications of the travel adapter on the charger. Because people rarely use 18650 batteries to charge other devices (hey, we've been trying to get people to recognize the battery), it was purely seen as a charger for 18650 batteries, not for its discharging ability (through a USB port or otherwise). To satisfy the manufacturer, we kept this label but if you're wondering if it can output more, yes, it can. We've been able to charge a Garmin nüvi 260W and HTC HD2 and will eventually put photos and/or videos in our gallery with anything we can get our hands on.