OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Charger Set Updated

OTGP Mobile 18650 Charger Set

The 18650 Charger Set has been updated again with the addition of:

+ Carrying Pouch

There is no price change. At this time, the pouch customers receive will be water-resistant; this provides a little extra safety in addition to our elemental and accidental warranty protection.

This will not be added to the list of included items but rather as a "bonus" until we are confident customers like it. While this solution may seem odd (because the 18650 batteries cannot fit inside), we chose this case because it's well-made and offers a higher degree of protection when things may go wrong (you know, when stuff happens) whereas a pouch fitting everything lacks certain qualities.

For example, pouches we considered were black which would absorb heat faster and make components warmer. While they may provide reasonable *shock* support in case of falling, there's rain and snow for some of us...the arch nemesis of electricity. *Shakes fist at rain*.

Since this particular pouch seals its contents quite well, it provides a bit of dust protection, too.