Project Pinwheel: 11 Months Later month from now, my year-long analysis will be done.

What was I doing?

Since 2010, I've been working on a formula to allow solar systems to operate independently of other energy sources. On October 4th of the same year, I began testing a solar system while adjusting its formula over time. That formula would directly impact the mid-power solar system I'm working on, known as Project Pinwheel.

You can imagine that the solar system uses a battery and it went from hours of everyday use minutes. However, there are very stark differences between my research and what manufacturers suggest customers do.

While small-scale, I've never used anything near the size of car batteries. When you do this, a great deal of burden is placed on batteries to discharge energy more than a solar array and rely on it *too* much; this couldn't possibly be the approach to take. The end-result is a system that works a few days and must skip a few days of use to charge itself. After all, if it were that simple, we'd be living in solar-powered houses and I'm sure none of us do.

My goal is to allow them to be used every day, just as how my testing is taking place. Look around the Internet for solar systems, especially those 12 Volt - you'll see a staggering amount of unrealistic things they claim to do. Powering refrigerators and saving money on your energy bills? I'm not sure what these people are thinking but there's a fine line between what a 12 Volt solar system can do and a kilowatt system for a house - if you can afford it.

This brings me to the 12 Volt Solar Kit: First Edition. I have enough data to suggest the need to change the power inverter requirements. I have not yet purchased the inverter the current formula says is correct but I already know it will improve its efficiency. It just kinda sucks knowing how drastic the change will be.

But I started this journey to find a way to make solar energy work in perpetuity one way or the other and while the change which may be proposed in a few weeks may limit the things the 12 Volt Solar Kit: First Edition can charge outside its scope of use, it will now excel at what I designed it to do: power small mobile devices every single day using no other source of energy. In fact, I've not used traditional electricity to power a lot of my (critical) things since the middle of 2010 but my computer setup and order processing isn't using solar because the solar formula isn't close to finalization.

Aaaaandd.....there's one more thing.

I'm drafting an "incentive" proposal for 12 Volt Kit customers. While one already exists known as e-pence (or e-cents) to earn rewards for simply being customers, this product will be placed in its own category of sorts.

This project has been very important and to thank the customers of the First Edition, it is likely they will be issued a special "code." That code, however, will likely be permanent and apply to all products and services now and in the future, including those in-person as well as online and extend to subsidiary companies.

Again, thank you to all of my customers. Whether you've bought a fundraising item, 18650 Charger or solar product, you make my research possible to introduce a new, affordable, clean energy system for all people.