Service Changes

  • There's a new storefront! Please take a gander at OTGP.US. It's thanks to my customers that this storefront upgrade was possible *teardrops*.
  • There was a coupon code out there, *somewhere*, which enabled customers to receive 20% off. It had to be disabled because the new shopping cart system doesn't support codes longer than 10 characters (say whaaaat?). There goes all my promotional material :| Due to this technical limitation, quantity-based discounts were added and coupon codes still exist.
  • A "Solar Guide" will be shown for all solar-related products from now on, regardless if it's for fundraiser merchandise or main product line. If it uses solar, it will be rated (if it's good).
  • The 12 Volt Solar Kit is undergoing material changes and will not be available until some time in October. A power inverter will be included for North American customers.

Product Changes

  • The EPRC 12 Volt 10 Ampere Solar Charge Controller manual has been updated; visit onetruegem.com/manuals to download the latest version. Other than aesthetic changes, the first question in the troubleshooting section regarding the flashing of the solar array LED was revised.
  • The Mobile 18650 USB Charger Set manual's "Questions and Troubleshooting" section has been revised. A small aesthetic change was also made; the picture of an electrical outlet in the beginning of the manual was polarized while the text beneath it was about how the power adapter is unpolarized. The photo was modified to show what an unpolarized outlet looks like.