OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Charger: True Story, Page 1

Wellllll, I suppose it's time to say "good bye" to this charger. The 18650 Charger's purpose was to power mobile devices as well as charge 18650 batteries. However, I'd like to share some information about this product over the next few weeks before bidding it adieu.

Even if you're only here to read information about OpenCart, what the storefront is currently based off of, you should really, really consider purchasing this product now. Like right now. As in, "why are you still reading this?" now.

It's not actually disappearing forever, yet, it is. One thing I'd like to share with my customers is that I have a tendency to choose materials and products that simply become rare within a short period of time. I find it unusual and it's fairly alarming. I can't attribute this behavior to a faulty product because a significant amount of time is taken before marketing products.

The 18650 Charger took more than a year and each and every part of each one is tested before being made available for sale. Since this is a solar company, all components are powered by 100% solar energy - if the electricity in our home-based business went "kaput," it wouldn't matter. That means when customers plug the product into their electrical sockets, it will be the first time those parts are used with traditional electricity, including the batteries (of course).

So, why is this product going away if it works?

I believe my customers deserve the best with an affordable price tag while offering something "unique." That "unique" would be support in the form of a warranty which covers virtually anything. But that's certainly not the problem; the problem is its name.

A lot of people search for "18650 USB" and will eventually find this site. A lot of niche audiences, particularly flashlight-related, know what 18650 batteries are. However, I need to make it have a broader appeal to show as many people as possible the power of not only Lithium but 18650 batteries. To do so requires a "revamp" by renaming the product, which will be known as {cough****cough}.

That still doesn't explain why it's going to disappear; it's because the product no longer exists outside of our storefront. I can't find another manufacturer or supplier so now it, too, joins the list of products to become rare. If you already have it, congratulations. You are a legacy customer which will mean something significant.

I'm sure I had to know subconsciously this would happen. If the materials I choose don't disappear, the company disappears. Still, customers purchase finished products from us with the expectation of support in case they need it. When this happens (disappearing products), a "gap" is created where a product probably can't be replaced because there *is* no replacement. Unlike an ink cartridge where you pay more at a local store instead of purchasing one online for the savings, the products I sell genuinely vanish and there is no replacing them.

Then there are certain facets about a product which I need to exude more confidence in; for example, this product's warranty is 90 days. I need to stop doubting myself if I truly believe in something so that's changing.

Warranty Change: 90 Days to 1 Year

This warranty won't be reflected in the product you purchase today. The only thing I can say at this time is that it will be to your advantage to purchase it in its current state. The price, however, will noticeably increase because of the other proposed changes but it still begs the question, what will happen when this product is out of stock?

I've searched high, low, in the middle, around the corner and up the attic and believe I've found one other possible replacement. I'm aware of all existing 18650 chargers with USB output and 99% of them aren't fit for consumer use. In fact, if the replacement I have in mind disappears, I may as well consider dropping support for 18650 Chargers. But I have a plan for that either way. Whether manufacturers make 18650 USB-based dischargers or not, the newer product will be lithium-based one way or the other but not like those currently marketed.