OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Charger: True Story, Page 2

Travel Adapter

Notice how almost any mobile device might say it can work Worldwide? Look at its power adapter; it likely has technical specifications proving the claim.

I'm sure you or someone you know has a mobile phone. But gee, can you really use it anywhere you want?

Why yes, yes you can.

When I set out to promote the 18650 charger to power the small electronics we use, I've always wanted it to do more. With the Mobile 18650's successive system, I believe it's time to take that idea and make it as far-reaching as possible.

Make every component multifunctional individually while working together as a symphony. What's more, give customers the flexibility to do what they want with as few restrictions or barriers as possible.

New item: Travel Adapter

That means take your 18650 Charger to Canada, China, Australia and England. It means making the product the same and familiar to use regardless where you may be. Much like the 12 Volt Solar Kit: First Edition, I wanted this to truly work anywhere on Earth.

The 18650 Charger's instruction manual says a travel adapter can be used to make it work in other countries. Now, it's one less thing to be concerned with.

But let's not stop here. You don't have to use it with the upgraded 18650 charging set. Use it on your laptop for a business trip whether it's a week or months. Taking a vacation? Use the travel adapter with your phone's power adapter, too. A single component with an endless number of uses, you'll soon see what this charging system is capable of.

And one more thing: I'm going to emphasize, again, it may be best to purchase this charger in its current state instead of waiting for the newer set to be released. I can't say why! :)