OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Charger Set Changes

This product is being updated; it's the last update before it's successive system is released. Customers are still encouraged to purchase it in its current state before the newer system is available. These changes reflect some of what's to come in the newer set to be released later in November or December (waiting on parts).

+ The warranty is changing from 90 days to 1 Year. It still covers manufacturer defects, elemental and accidental damage.

+ Travel Adapter. It will work virtually anywhere in the World.

+ The number of batteries is increasing from two, 3.7v 2,200mAh 18650 batteries to three, 3.7v 2,200mAh 18650 batteries. The reason for this is because we don't sell additional batteries due to lithium battery shipping regulations; the maximum number of batteries per shipment can only be three cells so that's what we're going to do. Furthermore, we're very aware they can't be purchased at any local store so this is our way of compensating for this issue.

+ A Mini-B USB Cable dedicated to the power adapter with its own, detachable, Micro USB Adapter.

+ A new extension cable is being added; a USB A/Male, B/Male cable (a printer/peripheral cable) with a USB A/Female, B/Female Adapter. If this makes you scratch your head, let me explain.

We purchased USB extension cables to do exactly what you think - extend a cable. The manufacturer/supplier of what we received was apathetic to correcting their mistake so the best option in this scenario was to find a way to make the cables work.

They work very well with one exception - they don't transmit data with mobile devices. It'll work fine with the included adapter to extend a connection for power or even if you need a printer/scanner cable. If you want to extend the connection between, say, a phone and computer, it's not going to work.

This isn't a huge problem because I'm not sure you want to have a long cable between your phone and computer but, nonetheless, I wanted the option to exist. Rest assured, we're working to find a proper manufacturer/supplier for a USB extension cable.