OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Charger: True Story, Page 3

On November 9th, 2011, the Mobile 18650 Charger's Manual was updated to reflect its final changes before being renamed.

One of those changes is revealing the other battery it can charge: 17670.

Why wasn't this known before? Much like 18650 batteries, an even smaller number of people know of 17670; you can infer they are identical to 18650, albeit not as powerful (capacity-wise). 17670 batteries are typically used in flashlights and much like 18650 batteries, you won't find them in local shops anytime soon.

Though, by looking at the 18650 Charger in its most recent state, you might think that the 30 charging combinations is the most it's capable of; if you decided to use your computer in addition to the included parts, it would exceed that - but we don't say so. It's kind of fun experimenting to figure out whether you can or can't do something with this Charger; we believe it's better to tell you what rules to follow when using it rather than the number of actual charging combinations.

When it is finally upgraded into another product, the charging combinations will be even higher. The reason they couldn't be that way now is simply because there are a large number of parts involved from different manufacturers and suppliers, all of which take weeks to arrive and test.

I think it's necessary to test each part to ensure they work and this has been a significant advantage and disadvantage: customers are satisfied, though, it takes a noticeable amount of time to release products while having strict qualitative standards. Unfortunately, far too many of those I've worked with don't seem to care what their customers receive.

You know, I'm always interested in doing something new. So I think it's time to free customers from their keyboards:

New Feature: Personal Concierge Service. Customers will receive a private, text-only number to contact us outside of business hours and can submit photos from their mobile device for support.