OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Charger: True Story, Last Page

I really hope customers buy the OTGP Mobile 18650 Charger before its successive system is released - I still can't say why. But it's time you knew the new name and what it can do.

You will find that the 18650 USB Charger and Morphevo are very similar; in fact, as of last week, they were going to feature the same 18650 Charger. That, is changing.

It can charge almost any mobile device. Morphevo's design is to match Lumenscaré, a solar mobile charger capable of charging almost 100% of all mobile devices; whereas Lumenscaré outputs power similar to a household electrical socket, compatibility isn't an issue but portability is.

Morphevo will never be able to match its compatibility but we have to act like it's possible to show the true prowess of lithium technology, regardless of how you want to power it and your mobile devices.

You know what I find odd? Many highly-rated mobile phone chargers have good points and bad ones here and there. Some are glaring, others you discover over time. But not including a Power Adapter? Not even a car adapter?

It takes a lot of time and patience to test certain components. Morphevo, as a mobile charger, has so many charging combinations, it's nearly mind-boggling to me. When it is released, it's my hope that it will be one of the most versatile, traditionally-powered mobile chargers available.