ONEEMA Energy Distribution Program

General Questions

What is the purpose of ONEEMA?

OTGP Solar Energy's "ONEEMA" program allows individuals to own our energy products for personal use at a reduced rate or free.

What is the difference between a partial and fully-qualified product?

Not all products have incentives and those participating in ONEEMA are classified as either partially or fully qualified. A partially-qualified product means some will have an ONEEMA Code while fully-qualified means all will have an ONEEMA Code.

Are there fees involved?

While we do not assess fees, other parties may. For example, a gift card may have fees associated with it or an electronic payment processor may charge fees to receive payment.

How long will this program last?

The ONEEMA Energy Distribution Program is in an experimental stage but is considered to be permanent.

Customer Power Packs


What does this pack include?

  • Apple 30-Pin Cable
  • Samsung S20 Cable
  • Mini-B Cable
  • Mini-B to Micro-B Adapter
  • Car Adapter with USB Output (5 Volt, 600mA)
  • Power Adapter with USB Output (5 Volt, 500mA)