Privacy Policy

ONETRUEGEM, LLC Photovoltaics and Light Research (OTGP Solar Energy) Privacy Policy

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OTGP ("we," "our," "us") uses customer and visitor ("you," "your") data to:

  • Process orders; this includes furnishing necessary third parties, such as shipping couriers, with customers' information. Third parties involved in order processing, shipping, and otherwise have their own privacy policy and/or terms of detailing how customer data is handled. Origin shipments include the following couriers; each courier may have different privacy policies depending on the country or region being serviced:

United States Postal Service (USPS)
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Federal Express (FedEx)

  • Fulfill incentive program redemptions (same as order processing).

  • Fulfill warranties (same as order processing).

  • Process returns (same as order processing).

  • To improve our websites, services, content and access to content.

  • To improve and reinforce security.

A.1. When customers browse any domain owned and operated by OTGP, we analyze data to better improve aesthetics, functionality, and maintain data for security purposes (such as data breach attempts). In the event of suspected fraud or in cases where bona fide law enforcement, payment processors or third parties have reason to believe fraud has been or will be committed, we will require certain material from the party alleging fraud and adhere to United States Federal and/or State requirements to provide that data or information.

A.2. When customers provide remittance information to OTGP directly, regardless of the medium used, it is encrypted and protected from electronic and physical theft or breaches.

A.2.(a). When customers browse our online shop, it may be presented in an insecure environment; this is similar to browsing a physical catalog of products.

A.2.(b). When customers "checkout" where payment information is required, we securely pass that information to a customer's preferred payment processor as required of all payment processors, including OTGP directly. This transition always occurs within a(n) Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) environment.

A.3. When customers redeem reward options for our incentive programs, we may furnish third parties customers' data solely for the purpose of fulfilling that request. Customers' information is not shared, rented, sold, or comparably "opted in" for any product(s) or service(s) beyond reward fulfillment. If customers subsequently receive undesirable marketing, regardless of the medium used (online, mail, phone, facsimile, etc.) and may be due to reward fulfillment, the party which actually executed fulfillment must be contacted directly for customers to state specific preferences.

A.3.(a). Alternatively, customers may contact OTGP directly about third parties misusing, abusing, or otherwise using customers' information in an unfavorable way regardless if clear instructions have been provided for customers to not receive such solicitations; we will determine what further actions are necessary.

A.4. Customers' orders, including incentive fulfillment, are encrypted; invoices, receipts, and similar customer information cannot be accessed in the event of a security breach or theft. Customers' information is only decrypted on-demand to fulfill services where access to that information is required.

A.5. We do not share, rent, or sell customer or visitor data. OTGP employs various third party systems to track data and "sharing" tools; this includes statistics-based analytics software about visitors and customers. Each party with ownership or representing ownership of software in good faith may have their own privacy policy governing how this data is treated.

A.6. Where there exists evidence of the intent to damage, harass, abuse, exploit, or otherwise cause due harm to our customers, affiliates, associates, and partners, we reserve the right to prosecute those parties under the full extent of the law including but not limited to the States of Delaware and Washington, D.C in the United States.

A.7. When customers, potential and actual, contact us through services owned or operated by others (i.e., voice, text, and/or image-enabled services) such as Google Voice or Pinger, a third party is involved. Such service has their own privacy policy governing their use of information.

A.7.(a). We may retain certain information, such as questions and answers, to publicize on any of our websites or printed literature if such information may be beneficial to other customers or to enhance our products and services. In accordance with this privacy policy, we do not aggregate this information to share, rent, or provide for sale. When customers contact us using such a service, it is live and a transcript, unless a "history" or comparable service is available on the customer's preferred medium to contact us, is not available at any time.

A.8. We make available a single or multiple tools for customers to encrypt and decrypt certain information. If that tool is available to the general public by its author, it is also usable on our website(s) by the general public as long as it is not prohibited in their country to do so (see billing topic, "Can I encrypt my personal or payment information?" for a list of prohibited territories).

We may modify a tool's interface to suit our customers without adversely affecting functionality or cryptography algorithms. We, nor tool authors and publishers, will be held liable for use, misuse, abuse, or interception of sensitive information.

A.8.(a). When customers use the encryption tool(s) available on this website, it does not transmit data or information to anyone; it is self-contained (works within a web browser). An Internet connection is not required to encrypt or decrypt data; it is only required when sending us an Order ID and Password/Key. Alternatively, customers can provide this information any other method they wish but it must be dissimilar to the method used to send an order request to us.

A.8.(b). If a third party accesses and uses customers' information in any way, regardless of country of origin, they will be fined at least $10,000.00 or the maximum extent possible under the jurisdiction we find suitable for such a resolution and the alleged victim may be provided with tools and service to protect, secure, and/or means to secure their identity to a near-pre-breach state.

A.8.(c). Furthermore, where there exists evidence a party related or unrelated to the actual decryption of sensitive information uses such information (i.e., information becoming known to the negligent party, whether or not the identification of that deciphered information is recognizable but consciously or intently used for any reason), that party will be severally and jointly liable and the alleged victim will separately have the right to sue that party.