Did you receive the OTGP 18650 USB Charger Preview/Trial Edition?

Yes, it's completely free and you'll never be charged for it.

Many people aren't aware that a mobile charger with replaceable lithium batteries exist. We're attempting to send them to customers in each U.S. State; we can no longer ship them internationally due to recently-imposed lithium battery shipping restrictions. Otherwise, the entire planet would receive them; hopefully, this will change when its successor is made available to the public.

So why is a solar company providing traditionally-powered devices to its customers?

Lithium Battery Shipping Restrictions

Recently, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has placed limitations on the shipment of lithium batteries outside of the United States....well it's more like a prohibition: we simply can't.

Many of our customers are located outside of the United States and while we don't mind offering free shipping for everyone, $80.00 to ship our lithium charging systems with other carriers isn't something that's possible.

Free Shipping!

This time, it's permanent for everyone; there are no minimum requirements (shipping fees for products and services on third party websites will be assessed a flat rate shipping charge, however). Tax still applies to Washington, D.C. customers.

OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Phone Charger: April 1 - 7th Promotion

Following the success of the 18650 Mobile Charger's Version 1.1 update, it will have a special one-week promotion between April 1 and April 7th, 2012:

Standard Version:

  • The number of batteries will be tripled. Instead of three batteries, you'll receive six.
  • An additional 18650 Charger, long Mini-B USB Cable, and Power Adapter will be included.
  • An additional pair of battery straps.

Customizable Version: