March is Free Shipping!

That's right, for the entire month of March until April 1st, 3:00 AM Pacific Time, all products have free shipping! Simply select "Free Shipping" at checkout. There are no minimum requirements. Tax still applies to Washington, D.C. customers.

Free shipping will utilize the same services as paid; all U.S. Customers (including non-contiguous and international destinations) will receive orders by Priority Mail, UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground, and international customers will receive orders by Global Priority Mail.

Mobile 18650 USB Phone Charger: Version 1.1 Update

The Mobile 18650 USB Phone Charger's hardware was slightly modified to accommodate a problem I've noticed with mobile devices (not the charger); some, such as "wireless hotspots," require customers to buy expensive charge-only cables because they won't charge when connected to a computer. Some mobile devices also refuse to charge unless its origin power is Alternating Current (AC), or plugged into an electrical socket.


The gallery is being updated but is available for viewing. For unknown reasons, it is crashing and deleting picture information, such as titles and descriptions. It's going to be left alone to see if traffic or something interplanetary is causing these problems but hopefully it stays up this time!


OTGP Mobile 18650 USB Phone Charger: Velcro Strap Added

An 8" (20cm) Velcro® Flame Retardant Strap was added to the 18650 USB Charger for both standard and customizable versions. Repeat customers of this item will have one strap added to their order for each one ordered from us historically, regardless when purchased.

Those who purchased this product from us in-person locally can request one to be shipped for free at any time, also regardless when it was purchased.

The Three Pillars

There's only one way to prove how much I want to help my customers and show I want to be their energy supplier through solar and lithium technology; give you my products to see what I'm capable of.

Before releasing the online form to be wait-listed for this, look at the side where it says "Energy System Comparison" and see what you can look forward to now and in the future.

Gallery Update Soon

I've tried to avoid using Flash but can't find any *good* HTML5 photo galleries. I've used every open source one out there but it's kind of surprising how many are abandoned or have no customizable themes. I'm still not satisfied with how the gallery displays images and information so it will be overhauled in the next few days using a lightweight Flash script.