Project Pinwheel Announcement

Yes, yes, I know it doesn't appear that much is going on. But a lot of testing is being done behind-the-scenes on my next project, entitled "Project Pinwheel."

The first solar product engineered was a 12 Volt Solar Charger, designed to not only charge batteries in modes of transportation but also become a permanent power source for mobile electronics. I love diversity and functionality and am pretty proud of what my first product ever is capable of.

So, I thought, what now? Do I want a successor to that? What improvements can be made?

12 Volt Solar Battery Charger: First Edition One Month Test

We tested the 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger: First Edition for one month, everyday, to see how it would perform. Want to see how it did?

As a result of the test, I no longer charge my mobile phone(s) or video game systems using my home's electrical outlets and have been doing so since the test started on July 08, 2010 (today is September 13, 2010).

12 Volt Solar Charger

Well, it looks like the instruction manual for our premier product, the 12 Volt Solar Charger, is finally complete. It was first written in January and has undergone major changes due to the product changing itself.