Warranty and Returns

Warranty Policy

ONETRUEGEM, LLC (which may herein be referred to as "OTGP," "OTGP Solar," "our," "us," "we" and customers as "you") offers warranty support for our brands and select third-party manufacturers and brand owners. Our primary product line (excluding fundraising items) includes warranted support beginning:

  • On an order’s actual delivery date when purchased online; where no delivery date can be verified, this period begins two weeks from the actual shipment date for domestic and international purchases.
  • On the date an item is purchased from a local store, retailer, trade-show or similar in-person sale.

If we are unable to provide warranty support or if a product is discontinued, we will offer the closest product of that kind, if available, or a refund. The amount of a refund is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Products by OTGP Solar Energy

Our standard warranty covers manufacturer defects; enhanced covers manufacturer defects, elemental and accidental damage. A warranty's duration varies by product and includes parts and labor.

One repair or replacement will take place during the warranty period and that repair or replacement is not further warranted. While no out-of-service warranty is offered, customers with troubleshooting questions, regardless of a product's warranty period, may contact us at any time for assistance. However, if a customer relocates to an unsupported region (see Shipping and Delivery), with the exception of special circumstances, we cannot provide warranty fulfillment.

To view specific product warranty information, read a product's description or its operation guide. We will determine if shipping is necessary for warranty fulfillment. When required, customers will be asked to send affected components to us; shipping expenses for repair or replacement under warranty service may not be refunded or reimbursed.

Products by other manufacturers and brands

A warranty is typically limited to manufacturer defects. Customers will be required to send affected components to its manufacturer. Some manufacturers for products we support are located outside of North America.

Customers are responsible for shipping fees incurred for shipping products to a manufacturer other than OTGP Solar Energy; those manufacturers may or may not offer reimbursement or prepaid expenses for warranty service. For certain products not manufactured or bearing our name brand, for an additional fee at the time of order placement, our warranty can be utilized as an alternative to a manufacturer's standard warranty; if offered, the option will exist on a product's description page in our storefront prior to the checkout process.

If our warranty is elected for an additional fee, it replaces the original warranty, not aggregate to it; this means customers are afforded the benefits of receiving warranty support from us for the same duration as a product's original, standard warranty period. After the duration of that warranty expires and out-of-warranty repair or replacement service is necessary, since we do not offer out-of-warranty repair or replacement, a product's manufacturer can offer support but may charge a fee, including but not limited to labor, parts and shipping.

Returns Policy

For products with a return policy, all customers, domestic and international, have 45 (forty five) days from the actual delivery or in-person sale date to return merchandise; where no delivery date can be verified, this period begins two weeks from the actual shipment date for domestic and international purchases. We do not assess restocking fees under any condition.

Non-defective Merchandise

Customers are responsible for shipping fees associated with returns where no material defect exists; this means when a product is functional but not necessarily compatible with something customers own, the customer pays to return a product to us. We will refund the cost of products and applicable sales tax only, not original or return shipping expenses.

If at any time within the applicable return period a customer becomes dissatisfied with a product, contact us and explain the problem. If it is necessary to return merchandise to us, we will notify the customer where to ship the return.

Defective Merchandise

Where a material defect exists upon arrival, we will fully refund affected components, including applicable sales tax and original shipping fees. Reimbursement of shipping fees incurred for sending defective merchandise to us is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Warranty and Returns Policy for orders placed on other Websites

Warranty and Returns information is stated for each product sold outside of onetruegem.com; if that product does not have warranty and/or returns information then no warranty or returns policy applies. We can, however, be contacted at any time for assistance for any product we sell, regardless when it was purchased, as long as the product was lawfully obtained from us or an authorized vendor for sale or resale.